A Proverbs 31 Wife?

I’m newly married. Less than a year. Being a new wife is exciting, very fun, and sometimes perplexing. As I read Proverbs 31 I’m challenged. I want to be a wife of excellence. I want to bring such glory and honor to my husband. I want to greatly enrich Stephen’s life. I want wise words to roll off my lips not wounding words. I want to work hard, constantly be productive, and have no fear of what lies ahead. Hard? Um, yeah. How does all of this happens? Lots of seeking Jesus, saying no to the evil one, and choosing to live out Jesus’ plan. Fearing Him is the root – and it grows from there. Am I perfect? Nope, a total sinner constantly asking Jesus’ for help and direction as he transforms me into a virtuous wife.

However, I’m a practical person and like to come up with ideas of ways to put these learnings into practice on a daily basis. Here’s a  little list, I’m sure more will be added as Jesus teaches and stretches me.

  • Each morning as5280542257_7ec724fde1k Jesus to give me purpose, no fear of the coming months, and encouraging words to all around me
  • Come up with and do one special act of love per week that takes time for my sweet husband to remind him of my love and respect
  • Pray in detail for Stephen’s day, interactions with people, and outlook on life each morning

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