Husband’s B’day

Today is Stephen’s 30th birthday. It isn’t a good idea to have a birthday on a Saturday while being an IM at a Chick-fil-A if you want to take the day off and party. Instead, my sweet man will work 14 or so hours. However – a birthday calls for a party! We celebrated this morning with breakfast at Cracker Barrel. That is all the partying that will happen today. But – I knew this day was coming and figured Stephen would have to work most of the day. So, I planned different stages of his birthday to take place over the past few picnic-basketweeks. We went on a picnic, he received presents at special times when we needed something fun to do, and I surprised him with carrot cake cupcakes and party decorations (a surprise since we don’t have access to an oven in our hotel… and a surprise since I used the oven of a team member at Chick-fil-A who talks more than anyone else at the store… whew!). So, even though today is his real birthday and we only got to party a little… there is nothing to fear, we’ve been celebrating his life for weeks!


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