Asbury Hoodie

I didn’t know that wearing my Asbury College hoodie to Jason’s Deli on Friday might just change our lives here in Abilene. But I think it has. While in line 2 couples around my parent’s age stopped us and asked how we knew of Asbury. This has happened often to me, but not in Abilene. When people ask that question it could mean anything from their neighbor’s kid went their 10 years ago or they graduated from there along with the rest of their family. Well, it turned out to be the latter. The man graduated from the seminary and they have two daughters who graduated from the University. And, it just so happens that my senior year I interviewed their daughter for a full time job at Asbury. Whew! Small world. They invited us to church with them – telling us their pastor and children’s pastor graduated from Asbury. So, this morning we showed up at their church (Easter Sunday is always a fun time to be a first time visitor 😉 ). Turns out the man we met at Jason’s Deli is the pastor (I think we fell for some sort of trick – haha!) and their children’s and worship pastor were in school while we were. I think word had gotten out that we may be attending church this morning… lots of people knew who we were and everyone was extremely friendly! We had a great time worshiping our risen Savior with a genuine community of believers. I think we’ve found a church to call home while we finish up our stay in Abilene!


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