Cycling To Church

Invisible forces can be perplexing. Jesus is typically invisible and can be perplexing, yet I can feel and see His effects all around me. That’s kind of like the wind in Texas on a bike ride… Riding a bike to church 6 or so miles a way isn’t bad when you have a rather straight shot on flat roads. However, here the wind strength and direction can either make the trip easier or harder. This morning – it made it harder. After a 45 minute bike trek into the 20+ mph wind we arrived at church ready for Sunday school (ok, not that ready… we had to change clothes so that everyone wouldn’t stare at us in our cycling jersey’s and spandex padded shorts…). After Sunday School and church we were invited to lunch at a couple’s house with 30 or so other people. S0 – we set off on our bikes and enjoyed having the wind to our backs (30 mph riding is more exciting than 8 mph riding). After some fun fellowship, we hopped back on our bikes and headed to our hotel. If being and doing what God wants me to do feels the same as the wind pushing me along, then I’d much rather be doing that than striving to move in a direction that He hasn’t prepared for me to explore.

(FYI: Riding to church was my idea, not Stephen’s)


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