Thoughts of a Smashed Finger

About two weeks ago at work I closed the 20+ lb  safe door on my finger. I wouldn’t recommend this as a hobby, yet Jesus has revealed Himself through this frustrating incident. To say the least it hurt very badly and the pain was rather intense. I drained the blood from under my finger nail 5+ time by sticking a needle down it those first 36 hours. Since then, my nail has partially fallen off and I’ve used my finger with caution. People ask about it as they see me not using it fully and I think about it as I hit it on something or purposefully avoid touching it. Jesus prompted me and I heard Him ask, “What would happen if you remembered to talk to me throughout the day just like you remember to take care of your finger?” AH! What would happen? And, what if people noticed and I had the opportunity to talk with them about Jesus? Jesus, help me to never stop praying, just like You commanded me to in 1 Thessalonians 5:17.


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