BK Breakfast

One day I want to have lots of little children running around with all their unique personalities and abilities. I look forward to teaching them and learning alongside of them, serving people together, having friends over, and watching them grow into mature young adults. Being a parent will have many challenges, I’m sure, but the joys will far outweigh them. I love thinking about rites of passages, different types of homeschool curriculum, Christmas traditions, birthday celebrations, discipline, adventure Thursdays, and the list goes on and on…

Stephen and I both desire to be intentional, fun filled, thoughtful, and equipped parents. We decided we better get a head start and begin preparing now instead of waiting until we have a child in our hands… I’m sure a lot will be different than we imagine that it will be… and our ideas will be refined and tweaked as we have relationships with our children and see their unique personalities. However, we decided it would be healthy and beneficial to begin talking about it now. So… we have a BK (Brooks’ Kids) Wednesday breakfast. We wake up earlier than normal and have a special breakfast together where we brainstorm ideas, dig deeper into the ideas we like, and pray specifically for our children and us as parents. This morning’s breakfast took place at Cracker Barrel. We walked in with our big three-ring binder with different categories, cute colored pencils in a Zip-It monster case, and a brain full of creative and purposeful ideas. We get a few funny looks… but It is one of my favorite times of the week!

This Weimages-7dnesday we focused on one specific concept in the Faith category: spiritual habits we want our kids to see us doing. Once our list was made we decided we better step up our game now and focus on the habits we sometimes let slide. Some habits we’ve already worked hard to make a regular part of our lives like spending time each day with Jesus, going to church, and giving of our resources. No, we aren’t perfect in these areas, but at least we have a habit formed that we can keep on improving. Others we will have to work on and discipline ourselves to bring them from an occurrence to a habit – like fasting regularly, sharing what we’re learning from Jesus, praying for others, and talking to Jesus throughout the day out loud so that our kids can see and understand what it is like to talk with Jesus in the middle of anything. Whew – I’m sure glad Jesus is All Powerful and can Empower us to develop new habits that will bring us closer to His heart and bring glory to His name.

Who knows what our next BK Breakfast will be about… Whatever it is I’m sure our three-ring binder and Zip-It monster are up for the challenge! I’ll let you in on the new discoveries of our ideas next Wednesday. 🙂

What do you think? Comment and share what you have discovered to be key spiritual habits that your children see you doing or that you see your parents doing.


2 responses to “BK Breakfast

  1. Kimberlee, you are an absolute treasure. Your kids will have the BEST mom (and dad too, I am sure; I jsut don’t know Stephen that well). Seriously, your ability to connect with, honor, and cherish individual personalities will ensure your kids the safety of growing into themselves. I am excited for the children that will bless your lives, because they get the joy of realizing what an incredible gift God will have given them…YOU.

    Can I be an adopted Brooks kid?

  2. love your plan here, wish my husband and I had thought of it before kids — nothing super spectacular here but … we have a stuffed nativity that each year on Christmas eve we would of course read the Christmas story (had to pull parts from a few Gospels to get it all) and the kids would act out the parts with the stuffed pieces. In order to complete the set, we had to add a few of our own stuffed guys, such as a stuffed Santa who comes in with the Shepherds and most importantly a stuffed Moose that Mary rides into Bethlehem. (didnt have a stuffed donkey so we had to improvise) The coolest part was this year when my kids were 16 and 18. They knew the tradition and how much I like traditions yet they weren’t really interested in the acting parts, so they read the story and had me do the characters. It was awesome

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