This past weekstart (not a weekend, but a weekstart (sun-mon)) Stephen and I went camping. The San Angelo State Park has a small Orienteering course with points that you can find by using a compass and degree measurements. The course was challenging simply because you have to attempt to walk in a straight line from point A to point B without getting killed by the cacti and other pointy plants that are growing everywhere you look. The idea is to line your compass up and continue to keep it pointing North as you follow the degree to which the next point is located 200+ yards away. As we were trampling along, I began thinking about how similar it is to my relationship with Jesus. I have to continually keep my eyes focused on Him (north) and walk along the straight path He is leading me down (the degree to the left or right we were trying to follow). There are many obstacles along the way that are painful and discouraging… It would be easier to deviate from the path just a little to avoid cacti pokes and holes rather than walking through them. Yet, when we did that, we never found the mark we were hunting for ahead.  The cacti might hurt and leave me a little wounded (actually, I know they hurt from experience… my leg muscle still has a little pain from its run in with a cactus). But, When God leads me down a path I must follow Him completely and be ready to be discipline by Him and learn from painful situations. The prize at the end is worth it and in order to arrive at the destination He has intended for me – I must follow Him through the rough spots and continually keep my face looking North, taking His lead.


2 responses to “Orienteering

  1. Great one Kimberlee! As for the compass, I still have my Scout compass and it has an arrow which you can point in the direction you want to go and it helps. Also, looking far ahead and finding a point to head to helps. Try it next time. God points the way, we just have a hard time following!

  2. I was thinking the same thing Ray.
    Pick a point beyond the obstacle, (cactus/life problems) and walk around the obstacle to the chosen point and realign to North (Jesus) and go some more. Your point of following Jesus no matter the obstacle works better without the orienteering tip, but maybe there is truth in it as well. we can still go where Jesus wants us to go, but minimize the wounds along the way if we are cautious to always get to back to the course as soon as possible while taking the necessary stepping stone side trips. Gotta be sure not to take unnecessary side trips that take us way off course though.

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