Book Findings

Well hello friends. Today after work I had a nice chat with a new friend at Starbucks and then the two of us headed to some local bookstores. I do hope when we settle down somewhere that we live near a Mardel. πŸ™‚ While there I purchased 9 books. Guess how much they cost? Less than $15. And, if you were to take a look at these books you may wonder why I purchased them. And, when I tell you what they are, I expect you to chuckle to yourself – at least in your head.

The compilation of books include…

  • 4 books in the Chronicles of Narnia Series
  • An Amish Love (three fictional stories)
  • The Great Physician’s RX for Children’s Health
  • Everyday Victory for Everyday People – the reason for this buy is an included Scripture memory verse music CD. love it!
  • Book lover’s Devotional – this is to help with creating lessons for kids when homeschooling
  • Emotional Healthy Spirituality

You may say I like to plan ahead a little too much… well, so would the people at work. They’ve recently laughed at my early Christmas shopping. πŸ™‚



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