Dearest Husband

Ah! How excitinCampingg it is to hear the pounding of your husband’s knuckles on your hotel room door and have your heart skip a beat – The joy of knowing that he is in for the evening and finished with his work for the day. Whether the time is 3pm or 10pm – I’m happy to hear his knuckles, see his face, and rest my head upon his chest. He is the man of my dreams. I cherish the time we spend together – the sparkle in his eye when he looks my way. As a little girl I dreamed of my husband… And, the husband who is now real and alive makes my heart proud on a continual basis. He seeks Jesus when he rises. He works hard and provides for my needs. He plans and takes me on exciting adventure. He listens, he encourages, he cares. He makes me better.  His heart is tender, he willingly forgives, he seeks to grow. My husband is the dream man. I’m thankful – delighted – and blessed to be his bride.

Oh yeah – and he is SUPER HANDSOME!



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