Admirable Mom

Katy Beth With Mother’s Day quickly approaching I’ve been thinking of the many moms I’ve met in my lifetime that I admire, look up to, and hope to emulate in one way or another when we have kids of our own. Some of these ladies I know well, others I know very little. But one thing they all have in common is an admirable trait that I find, well, admirable.

The lady I’ll share about today is named Katy Beth. This lady serves Jesus in Hungry by being a spectacular example of a mommy who loves Jesus, raises her 4 daughters to do the same, and encourages her husband constantly.  I’ve known of Katy Beth since I was a little girl and saw her every so often when they were in the states. While in college I spent a summer living with them in Hungry and had the privilege of forming a relationship with Katy Beth instead ofKaty Beth just knowing things about her. Let me tell you – this woman is pretty amazing. She cooks – A LOT. She has the wonderful gift of hospitality and welcomes all sorts of people into her home anywhere from a couple hours to several months. And when they are there they feel loved – both by Katy Beth and Jesus. Her house is typically in order and it is rare for her not to have a smile upon her face. Jesus radiates out of her constantly.

One of my favorite things about Katy Beth is that she talks to Jesus out loud throughout the day. If you were to be helping her in the kitchen, you’d probably hear her ask Jesus for help in finding something or for the people coming into her home that night to be encouraged. If her girls are at school and you’re going for a walk – you’ll hear her ask Jesus to use them to be a blessing and to be strong. I want to do this – especially when we have kids. What better way to teach children to talk with Jesus throughout the day than to do it out loud so that they actually hear you talking to Him (instead of just talking to Him in my head throughout the day). Well, no time like the present to go ahead and make it a habit. 🙂

So – Katy Beth you’re an admirable mom!


(And the other girl in the picture is a dear friend – Savanah. They have a growing family right now… check out her blog


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