On Sunday Stephen and I will celebrate the best year of our lives yet – the year we had the privilege to live side by side, share everything, laugh together, cry together, pray together, seek God together, love deeply, feel each other’s hurts, and encourage one another with an intensity that we encourage no other with. It has been one wonderful year filled with growth, fun, learning, and richness of heart. I realized today that at work we are the only people who are married. No one else who works at this Chick-fil-A has a spouse. Crazy huh? I was talking with one of the ladies I work with several weeks ago and she asked how long we had been married…. She responded to my answer with “Wow! That’s cool. I’m impressed you’ve stayed married that long. Most people don’t.” I can’t wait to see what she says in 50 more years when we’re still going strong and loving each other like crazy!

With no one else at work being married people tend to keep a sharp eye on how we interact with other anIMG_0993other and what keeps us together… so, for our anniversary we decided to celebrate by throwing a party for them. Well, ok not really… But since we are having a team member party on Sunday we decided to take a little anniversary trip this past weekend to Lake Tahoe to celebrate our first year of being married!

IMG_0824We had a WONDERFUL time! Jesus gave us a beautiful love gift and orchestrated all of the details so that we could be alone together for 3 days and shower one another with encouragement and love. He gave us a free hotel, very discounted rental car, free airfare, some free food, and a kitchen to cook in while there! (we don’t have one in our home hotel currently) We got to go kayaking in a tandem, watch a beautiful sunset, do a little shopping, play disc golf (you can throw farther at higher altitudes!), read beside a fireplace, and have some meaningful conversations. My husband is a very impressive man and it was a joy to expIMG_0957lore a new place with stunning creation that our God made with the love of my heart.

For those of you who pray for us often – thank you! We’ve just about made it through year number 1! 🙂 And year number 2 is looking extremely promising. ( I’m just happy to enter my second year of kissing. I hadn’t even had my first kiss at this time last year… whew.)

Anyway, for those who aren’t aware – my husband is phenomenal, loves Jesus, and expresses his admiration of me in creative ways… and that is just the beginning….



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