Working with Enthusiasm

On June 1st we were sent to a new assignment in Weatherford, Tx – right outside of Dallas. While packing, getting our hotel room lined up, and finding out about the situation at the store – we didn’t think I’d be working very much. However, once here we realized that there was tons of work to be done and that I could fulfill a useful role at the store. So, for the past 12 days I’ve been making lots of chicken sandwiches, putting countless meals in bags, and handing orders out in drive through. I like working fast – and these are positions where you have to work fast or guests will be waiting and waiting for their food. And – the team members at this store aren’t use to working very fast…. so, we’ve all been learning together.

I love working and I enjoy being with people. However, at some point last week I became frustrated with how stuff was going at the store and I was feeling rather tired. These two aren’t the best match. However, as I was spending time with Jesus He reminded me of working enthusiastically and the importance of being filled with His joy each day. Since then I’ve been focusing on working with a happy heart, smiling, singing, and talking with the people around me. But – I can’t just do that… I have to work hard and want to be there. Not always the easiest choice – but the God I serve is able and can give me the power to succeed… I just have to choose it.


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