The Gift of Marriage

This past weekend I had the privilege of flying to KY for 30 hrs and celebrating a dear friend’s wedding. Aren’t wedding so cool? It was a beautiful wedding and much fun to be a part of.

While there I was reminded of my own wedding and the types of things that make relationships so special. During the rehearsal dinner the groom gently stroked the bride’s back as they sat and listened to stories… the groom was there to comfort the bride and make her feel special even though she felt nervous and overwhelmed. Following the rehearsal dinner I had the privilege of spending the night with the bride. She had so many questions about the future, so much excitement for the next day, and jitters of how it would all turn out. It was neat to spend that time with her, pray together, offer advice, fill her heart with encouragement, and see her rely solely on Jesus for her strength. The following day was a beautiful ceremony of these two people committing their lives together and publicly displaying their devoted love for one another.

Isn’t neat how God created marriage for us to enjoy? I love how God gave me Stephen… someone to serve with, to strengthen me, to correct me, to encourage my heart, and to share all the joys and pains of life. I’m thankful for marriage and a wonderful husband. Image


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