The end to hotel living is near

Today as I plumaged through clothes trying to find some exercise clothes the thought struck me “I only have a few more days of this.” A few more days of what you might wonder? Living in a hotel. Since Stephen and I have been married we’ve lived in a hotel, never knowing when we might be asked to move to the next one. There are perks to living in a hotel – like having your bed made every day, fresh towels each morning, no electric or water bills, a pool anytime you like, free breakfast, and a new key whenever you need one. However, I’m looking forward to living somewhere other than a hotel. Maybe somewhere with 3 drawers instead of two? Ah, that sounds nice.

However – I’m most excited about having a stove, oven, and full size refrigerator in the near future. Some delicious food will soon becoming out of our kitchen. Excitement!!

But first comes Camp Friendsanother fun adventure: a stop at camp with my family. The camp my mom has been going to even before she could walk. I’m pumped! Spending time with the family, gleaning from my precious Grandmother’s wisdom, hearing the evangelists multiple times each day, leading a small group of fun-loving tween girls, seeing friends, and spending quality time with Jesus. Yes, it is worth getting stoked about. And what’s better? Stephen gets to come for all of camp for the first time ever!! It’s the best place on earth.

So two good things. No more hotel life and camp meeting is just around the corner.


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