The Sound of Crickets

Yesterday Stephen and I arrived at our family cabin in GA and assisted my family in getting it in livable condition. Now we are just waiting for the rest of the family to arrive in a few days and for camp to start next week. In the meantime we will be playing games, reading books, building porches, cooking, doing some more cleaning, and making lots of memories.

When at the cabin there are many outdoor sounds that you can hear as you sit on a porch or even lay in your bed. The outdoor sounds are peaceful and refreshing. I love the sounds of crickets – they are constant and consistent. They remind me of God – consistent. He is faithful and always there. This is true, and I’m sure glad it is!

Over the past few weeks we’ve had lots of changes happening in our life. After working for Chick-fil-A for the past 10 years, Stephen is now moving into new and exciting territory that is not with Chick-fil-A. Who woulda thunk? After living in a hotel in various cities since we have been married, we are looking forward with anticipation of soon having a town to call home, a living place that isn’t a hotel, a kitchen to cook in, and many new friends to make.

As we have been praying about the future and dreaming about what’s next, God whispers in my ear – I’m faithful, I’m consistent. The crickets are much like God. They are consistent, they are there. They aren’t going anywhere, and neither is Jesus. I’m glad he gives us living examples of His character.



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