Home Bound

Started out this morning in the usual way – asleep. Or at least attempting to be. We had a little trouble sleeping because we were so excited to start our days journey to Arkansas. Stephen has now been up and working for 12 hours!

After having no where to call home since we’ve been married, we are stoked to now have a place to call home! Well, we don’t have a house yet, just a city to call home. We will be in a hotel for the next few weeks as we scout out where to live. With buying or renting there comes lots of other things we will need as we settle into our cozy home like appliances, a bed, a couch, bookshelves, a kitchen table, etc. So, we have a challenge. Get all of these things for less than $1100. I love a good challenge and am looking forward to conquering this one with Stephen!

We are very excited to see what all God has in store for us in the next several months. Praying for the beginnings of deep relationships, a genuine community of believers, and good relationships for Stephen in the world or realtor work. It’s exciting and I love following my wise husband on this grand adventure!



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