Fayetteville Fun Filled Weekend

This weekend we had a BIG time here in Fayettevile. Lots of fun, new activities and exploring in our hometown! We visited the Fayetteville library which was newly built in 2005. It is one rocking place with cool technology and a ton of resources. My favorite section in the library is, of course, the children’s section. I’m actually sitting in the library now and am soon going to make my way down to the children’s section and start reading some kid books. In the next few months I want to develop a toddler learning program based on the materials at this library for our kids (and possibly friends in the area to use with their children).

We also happened upon a farmers market that is held downtown every Saturday during the harvesting months.  Woo!! Now we have a cheaper place to buy natural veggies and fruits. Lots of selection and lots of people! Tonight we’re going to have some kale that we purchased on Saturday along with our pesto pasta.Farmers Market

Over the weekend we also played our first games of outdoor racquetball at a local park, did a little exploring of the mall and surrounding shops, had lunch at Tzatzikis Mediterranean Cafe, visited 2 different churches, napped, and watched the Braves on ESPN. Nice weekend!


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