The house is a work in progress!

Whew! We’ve been busy working around here. On Friday night we signed the lease on our duplex and started moving a few things in. On Saturday we moved lots of boxes from our storage unit into the house and checked out of the hotel (that feels nice!!). It was a joy to clean and unpack the kitchen. So many fun wedding presents that we didn’t even remember we had! We finished up most of the kitchen that day as well as a few other things. Sunday morning we awoke and headed to our church plant church and enjoyed worshipping The Lord with other believers. We came home, grabbed some lunch, and started cleaning. We cleaned the floors, scrubbed the cracks, washed the blinds, wiped the baseboards, and much more. I doubt this place has ever been cleaned this much! It needed it!! We also arranged the living room furniture and hung up some fun pictures. My husband is a super hard worker!! I can’t imagine having to do all of this myself. Today wonder man took care of switching all the bills into our name while I headed to watch two little girls for the mid-morning and afternoon. And he has been up to lots today – buying a table, a dresser, grocery shopping, and starting to paint the kitchen table. Mr. Genius has great ideas! Can’t wait to show you all pics of the final project!




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