Preschool TV Shows

Is it helping kids or making obedience a harder choice to make? For the past week and a half I’ve been nannying two young girls and have had the privilege of getting to know today’s Nick Jr and Playhouse Disney stars. I’ve followed kids media for a while but am a little outdated. The last popular shows I’ve watched many episodes of are Dora, Bear and the Big Blue House, and Blues Clues. I’m not so impressed with what I’m seeing these days. Max and Ruby and Olivia sound like innocent shows, but I’m not sure they or their peers are quite as innocent as we might first believe.

The characters are cute, use clean language, and aren’t talking about boys. So, that’s better than some things your preschooler could be watching. But, when it comes to interacting with their parents it seems as if the children characters always get their way and don’t get in trouble for throwing toys, arguing with their parents, getting out of bed when they were asked to go to sleep, etc. We all know that kids emulate what they see. Is this what we want them to be doing? I guess preschool tv shows are attempting to show reality, but it seems tough to let our kids watch this stuff and then expect them to obey and act lovingly to those around them when their favorite “friends” aren’t doing these things. What are your thoughts? What are some good preschool shows that you and your kids love? Maybe shows that aren’t displaying families are better?


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