One thing you should avoid at all costs

I realize there are many things in life that are good to avoid. I want to add something to your list – a pilonidal cyst. Don’t ever get one. However, I also realize there may not be much you can do to avoid getting one… But if you do get one, take action quickly. Well, maybe I should let you in on what a pilonidal cyst actually is.

It is a cyst that forms right below your tailbone. Why? Know one knows for sure. In WWII it was thought to come from riding in a jeep on bumpy terrain. More likely, it has to do with an infected hair follicle. It isn’t dangerous. It won’t kill you. But, people say it is more painful than natural childbirth. I have not yet birthed a child naturally, but after I do I can let you know if this is a true statement. All I know now is that it is more painful than anything else I’ve ever experienced. Thankfully, the most painful experience happened during college and has turned into an unforgettable story that Haley and I experienced.

It was fall break and we took a road trip to my parents house. No big deal. I thought I had bruised my tailbone while playing racquetball a few weeks prior. However, while at home the pain became rather intense and I discovered a small bump near my tailbone. It hurt. It was kinda like a pimple and if you squeezed hard enough you could get some puss out. But, that hurt really really bad. We headed back to KY and Haley had to drive because I couldn’t sit and drive without, well, intense pain. Half way there we decided that we better go to the ER once we arrived in Lexington. After much research online we figured I probably had a pilonidal cyst. After our 8 hr car drive we arrived at the ER and told them our predicament. They agreed that we had diagnosed my problem correctly. So, they gave me three shots around my tailbone and started lancing it. By this time Haley was super enthralled by the experience and watching each little thing they did to by backend. Oh joy. After lancing and releasing all of the puss and blood they figured that it had been bigger than a golf ball. Well, no wonder I had been in pain. So, that was the story of that day. Painful, but not to bad. However, the next day It was Haley’s new favorite story to tell and everyone seemed to know what was happening to my tailbone area. So, after that experience it is no longer so embarrassing. 🙂

Since then I’ve had minor flair ups that I take care of immediately and they are gone within 24 hrs. However, this past week I haven’t been able to get rid of my current flair up. It’s painful. I would have just had it lanced on Saturday, but don’t want to get any anesthesia shots since I’m protecting a little baby in there. So, home remedies have been in full force around our house for the past week. And, I can now report that it is finally starting to get a little better. I get to go to my baby doctor tomorrow, so we shall see what she has to say about it. 🙂 Currently I’m just thanking Jesus that he has taken some of the pain away! Hopefully it will stay calm and not flair up again until after baby. But, I’ll keep all the home remedy products handy just in case.

Whatever you do, don’t get one of these.


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