The Aroma of Fall


Ah – isn’t beautiful outside? I just love the cooler temperatures, sunny days, and God’s beautiful creation. While writing this blog I have our windows open and a cup of hot tea to drink. I could think of no better way to write a blog post on this beautiful morning. Many things are beginning to change like leaves and temperatures. Yet, in our personal lives things are also changing.

Back at the end of July we had lots of obvious changes like moving to a different state, buying another vehicle, and beginning to rent a duplex. Those were pretty big changes… But the changes that are happening in our lives now are a little more subtle – and, to me, much more enjoyable. With the beautiful weather outside we are exploring more parts of NWA (North West Arkansas) and having a WONDERFUL time doing it. This weekend we went up to Devils Den State Park and took a nice hike on one of their many trails. It was soo good to be outdoors exploring the land with Stephen and enjoying each others company. Another subtle change is that we are settling in and feeling at home here. There are still lots of relationships that we hope to grow and new ones to form… Yet, we have a few friends and enjoy hanging out with them and sharing life. We have people over to our house and sometimes meet people for various activities around town. We love that. And – I now have things to look forward to during the week instead of just working, eating, and exercise. We have two different groups that we meet with during the week – BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) and a small group from Grace Church. BSF is a community Bible study and not tied down to one denomination. The women meet at a separate location than the men and each group has about 150 people. We study the word together in small groups and also have a time of corporate teaching. I enjoy the opportunity to gather with other women, study the word, and form relationships with women of all ages. The other weekly activity is gathering with our small group at someone’s house for dinner, fellowship, encouragement, study, and prayer. It is a beautiful group with people who are willing to be authentic with one another and lift each other up. I so look forward to it every week! Besides those changes a few other changes are happening around here… I’m starting to look a little pregnant, the girls I babysit every day are learning that I mean what I say, and  we’ve been making lots of vegetable sushi. 🙂

I feel that often times with falls comes a sense of excitement and security. The seasons are changing – yet we know what it is like – we’ve experienced it before. We take delight in the simple joys around us and are filled with pleasure. I’m unsure of what changes might happen during this season in our lives, yet I’m content. I’m filled with joy at God’s faithfulness to provide relationships with both believers and those who are unsure of who Jesus is in such a short amount of time. I’m excited to see who He introduces us to next and how He is going to provide for each and every need that we have – big and small. He is a faithful God and I’m pumped to live a life knowing who He is and having His Spirit living inside of me.


One response to “The Aroma of Fall

  1. Kimberlee,
    BSF is awesome. I attended for four years back when we were teaching the children. I just started back this year. It is the best Bible study I know of. It is also great for children and families.

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