“We are all a l…

     “We are all a little weird and life’s a little weird, and when we find
someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them
and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.” – Dr. Seuss

Once upon a time there was a little girl who twirled around in her ballet tu-tus and talked aloud to herself. As she began to grow up her ballet tu-tus went into a box and her cleats went on her feet. The young girl still talked aloudEaster as a child to herself often. Though, more often than to herself, she talked to her baby dolls and imaginary family. The people watching her slide in softball had little clue what this young girl enjoyed doing in the quietness of her room. Her little girl active imagination went into high gear and for hours she would entertain herself.

You might ask, “How did she entertain herself?” Often times she would dream up real life situations and begin talking with the imaginary people around her. Many times these situations involved her being a mother, taking care of her little babies, and helping her neighbors during hard times. If you were to peak in to her room or put your ear to the door you might hear her talking with her husband, encouraging him, telling him how wonderful he is, comforting him, and reminding him that he would survive whatever hard thing was happening at work or in his life in general. She imagined many situations that Tyler and Kimberlee b/f churchseemed to be normal situations that real families faced. She knew that one day she wanted to be a wife and mom and would have a husband and beautiful children. In her mind she did not picture a perfect family who lived a perfect life. But rather she imagined and dreamed of the interaction she would one day have with a husband as they went through life together – overcoming challenges, doing life together, and loving the people around them. Many of the pretend stories she acted out with her baby dolls and imaginary people had these elements intertwined within them.

The people around this girl had very little idea that she spent time imagining such things. Who knew that this girl who enjoyed beating boys in football, biking through the woods, and playing basketball actually held and cuddled with baby dolls in her room?

She lived an interesting life: being outside, running around, playing kickball with the neighbors, visiting an elderly lady and her grandson, attempting to win any competition possible, playing on sports teams, and other such things. As she began to grow older her life was much the same. She continued to do many of the same things. People called her a tomboy. She had energy and could typically be found competing with the boys. She greatly enjoyed life. Being around people gave her energy.

This girl was quickly growing up and going through her highschool years. She often thought of what came next: college. In the back of her mind she hoped that at some point in college she would meet a guy and at some point after college they would get mar217_15194095534_8738_nried and have a family. However, while in highschool she rarely thought about boys and had zero interest of being anyone’s girlfriend at that point in her life. Boys were nice (well some of them) and that was about all there was to it. This girl continued to grow up and before long her parents were dropping her off at college. There was no more time to play with baby dolls though she did get to hammer some college boys in 4-square within the first weekend of school. That made her happy. However, the realization began to hit her, “I could be in a relationship with someone at this point of my life.” It was true, she could be.

This girl was growing into a young lady and she began to think about the future. She always knew she wanted to get married one day and be a mom. Yet, she had never thought much about actually being in a relationship witKimberleeh someone. Strange. She figured one day she would be, but never thought much about what it would look like. Now yes, she had thought about the qualities she believed were important in a man’s life and general ideas about what she did not want a relationship to look like. But, the actual getting to know the person part of the relationship received very little thought time. Remember, this girl was strange and often times weird.

You can only imagine what happens next in our little story. A young man begins to wonder about this girl who is growing into a young lady. He wonders for a short time and decided to ask this young lady to play racquetball with him. You see, this young lady still loved beating boys in sports and living an active life. So, she agreed to play him in racquetball. As you probably guessed, the young lady lost terribly. Well, at least in terms of the score. He asked her to play aRacquetball gain. She agreed. She lost. This went on for a few weeks. Then one day the young man asked the young lady to go kayaking. You see the girl had really won, and won big time.

As the young lady began to realize that she had won big time she began to get very excited. However, just as when she was a little girl, everyone didn’t know what was really going on inside of her. Yet, she knew. You see, this young lady had met a man. He was not a man who just played racquetball and went kayaking. He was much more than that. She saw in him something very special. She had never seen it in anyone else. As this young lady continued talking with this young man she began to realize more and more that the very special thing she saw in him was actually very, very, very special. Her admiration for him increased daily. She began to trust him and the trust continued to build with each interaction she had with him.

This young lady had never dreamed much about what a courting relationship with someone would actually look like. Although as she continued on her journey she began to realize exactly what she wanted such a relationship to look like. She didn’t have to use her imagination and think up what she wanted it to look like because it was currently happening in her life. She didn’t dream abo946990_10151629831445535_636679719_nut it – it was reality. The best relationship she had ever been in with a human person was happening. It was a precious relationship. This man was like no other. He had a selfless heart and truly sought to be more and more like Jesus each moment of the day. He had dreams, passions, and visions that this young lady resonated with and believed were extraordinary. He cared for her and continually treated her with the utmost respect. He sough the good of the people around him and wanted to share His love for God with the people He came in contact with. He was excellent at introducing people to Jesus. This young lady soon recognized his spiritual leadership skills and was privileged to be lead by him. She had known many men in her life, but this man far surpassed them all and she was eager to learn from, be challenged by, and grow with this special young man as they each sought to be drawn closer to Jesus.

This man wasn’t like the others. He wasn’t simply out for his own gain. He gave of himself and before long he had won the heart of this young lady who had just recently been a little girl. He became her favorite thing on earth to think about, pray about, ponder with, interact with, sit beside, look at, eat with, do things for, and simply be with. She didn’t know that she kt&sb engagement 250could ever respect and admire one person so much in her life. Yet, she was beginning to get a glimpse into why the Maker of the Universe created man and woman and why the Maker of the Universe had created her and a very special young man and why He had introduced them to one another.

This young lady wasn’t anything spectacular. She was just a girl who wanted to follow Jesus with all that she was. She wanted to walk in His ways and obey His commands with a joyful heart. As she attempted to do this with the Holy Spirit inside of her, God brought this young man into her life. She was overjoyed, blessed, and blown away by His continued provisions, blessings, and guidance. This man filled every childhood dream she once had while wearing tu-tus and playing with her baby dolls. But even more than that, he fulfilled every dream she had as she began to grow from a girl to a young lady. And even more than that, he fulfilled every dream she didn’t even know she had. This young lady realized that this man was the best man in the entire world and that he deserved more than she could ever give him. She sought to continually bring him honor and speak words of life into Him.

Soon after they jo_BK09304-1899501988-Oined together in holy matrimony and began their life as a married couple. Just as the girl imagined as a young child, their life wasn’t perfect. Yet, they were together, facing life’s troubles and joys one day at a time. A year after their marriage the man changed careers and the woman noticed she was going to have a baby. They moved to a new town and started on a grand adventure.  The man worked tirelessly and searched for people who wanted to buy homes. He used his creative mind to make contact with people and find the ones who were on the home search. Could he do it? Would he be able to sell enough houses to support his little family? Some days he doubted, but the girl by his side knew that he could and would succeed in this new endeavor. The girl became ever prouder of her husband. He didn’t obsess over work or become addicted to making money. Yes, he worked hard, but always made time to spend with his bride, the Creator of the universe, and a community of believers. He was a man better than she had ever seen. He loved her. He encouraged her. He led her. He lived like a man with a purpose. He was obedient to the Kings of Kings. His girMarried and Kissing l was real proud and could hardly believe that the Lord had blessed her with such a husband to serve. Now, these two are living happily ever after and are expecting their little prince to enter the world sometime in February. When you give your dreams and desires to Jesus, he does pretty amazing things.

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