A Fun Filled Weekend!

As the leaves are in the midst of changing from bright colors on the trees to darker shades on the ground this weekend, we decided we better take advantage of the beautiful outdoors. On Friday night we headed up to Bentonville for First Friday to experience their toyland extravaganza. With dozens of toy companies ranging from Marvel to Lego to Disney there were new toys to experiment with and Captain America to hug – all while listening to Radio Disney songs bFireLightlasting from the speakers. We had a great time taking in the experience and grabbing a few scoops of ice cream at the old soda shop on the square.

Saturday we had a little work to take care of, but after that was finished up we headed over to our friends house for a game night – complete with the game of Things and a lovely dinner of steak, salad, potatoes, and cheesecake by firelight. The food was delicious and the other two couples were even better.

This morning we enjoyed an extra hour of sleep and then headed to church. As soon as we were through there we headed out to a hiking trail a little over an hour away. We had a yummy lunch of snacks and eventually ended up at the right location. You see, Arkansas isPregnant :) filled with dirt roads…… real roads with real names…. They even show up on your GPS. However, it is like off roading. We traveled on these for 20+ minutes and eventually ended up at the perfect location and hiked on a trail that led us to a small double waterfall. We hung out a little and explored the surroundings of the falls. We used our handy dandy timer on our tripoded camera and took some cool pictures. (However, we didn’t attract attention and perform for an audience that wanted to see if Stephen could climb up a tree and sit beside me before the timer ended… that has happened before…)

It was a beautiful weekend filled with fun, friends, and my wonderful husband.


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