12 Days of Christmas

There are only 36 days until Christmas. 36? I’m so excited! Christmas was always a joyous occasion in our home growing up. It was filled with fun traditions, cookie decorating, presents, and time with extended family. It was something we looked forward to with great anticipation. And that much planning went into, no matter how young. Mom and Dad always gave us gifts that we were excited to have and we enjoyed playing with or using them that day and throughout the year. As we grew we wanted to give great gifts too… So we got creative and made things and then tried to come up with nice surprises to buy once we got a little older. Christmas morning was filled with excitement as we all woke up in our new pjs and joined together before we made our grand entrance into the room with the tree and our awaiting stockings overflowing with goodies (including a new toothbrush and other such important things) and presents from one another. We then usually spent a little time playing or figuring out our gifts and then headed to our grandparents house for the rest of the day.

Being a kid is fun and Christmas is typically looked forward to by most little people. However, as we grow older the excitement starts to dwindle and the fun is lost somewhere. However, I love Christmas. I love the festivities and parties and food and creativity. I also like traditions and like to know what to expect. So, as we have begun a family the questions arise as to what Christmas traditions we want our kids to grow up knowing. Well, the verdict is still out on that one. However, there is one tradition that we’ve participated in since the first Christmas we were courting: the 12 days of Christmas.

The idea is that for the 12 days before Christmas Stephen receives some sort of gift from me. Each year looks a little different with songs, poems, gifts, special activities together, etc. I like to think that my creativity is increasing each year and that the 12 days are getting better and better. However, I can’t say for sure that this is true. 🙂 This year has presented a challenge all it’s on… I agreed with Stephen that we wouldn’t spend any money on gifts for each other. So, after I recognized this fact I went into hunting mode…. Gift card hunting. Thankfully after much searching I can say that I’ve found several gift cards stuffed in random places to use in this 12 day Christmas event. 🙂 yeah! And, with those gift cards I’ve found some wonderful deals! (Including a 16 pack of AAA batteries for less than $3… But those aren’t a Christmas present don’t worry, I’m not THAT boring)
So, this weekend I began rummaging through our packing materials and found some wadded up brown paper that I drew Christmas pictures on and then began wrapping some of his presents. In the following days I have a few more details to work out and some artsy things to make so that the 12 day presentation will be very merry! And, I also just discovered that I’m going to start the 12 days of Christmas early so that it’ll end on the evening that Stephen and I celebrate together before heading to my parents house for the week of Christmas.

I love the 12 days of Christmas. I love planing things that Stephen will enjoy and that will make him feel loved, valued, important, and respected. It’s fun to figure out which day should be what gift and how to give each gift to him. It’s my new favorite thing about Christmas.

36 days till Christmas. 32 days before we head to Alabama. And 19 days before the 12 days of Christmas event begins in our home!! Bring it!



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