If you’re pregnant and you know it clap your hands!

I like being pregnant and have felt pretty great thus far – An occasional nausea spell and a little lower back pain has been about the worst of it. So, all in all, pretty awesome. However, when I start thinking about it I can sometimes become overwhelmed. So many things to remember: drink lots of water, get plenty of iron, eat prunes so that I don’t get constipated with all the iron in my body, check blood sugar 6 times a day, limit my carbs so that my blood sugar won’t shoot over what’s good, gets lots of protein, exercise, stretch certain muscles, gain the right amount of weight, etc. The list goes on and on! Some of it is very simple, other parts a little more complicated. Some things very important, other things not quite so much. I’m just glad I didn’t become bombarded with everything on one day! And, I wouldn’t trade this opportunity for anything! Even though I sometimes become overwhelmed with all the information, philosophies, tests, and ideas I can hardly wait for February to arrive! My excitement and anticipation grows with each day and I look forward to seeing him instead of just feeling him! Oh how fun to be a mommy and nurture, love, care for, train, and guide this little guy through the beginning years of his life. About 10 weeks to go!



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