Life Happenings

Why hello there. Thanks for stopping in today to read about what all is happening here in North West Arkansas in the lives of Stephen and Kimberlee. Well, we are alive. Alive and well. After a week and a half of snow and ice on the ground, I’m happy to report that it’ll reach the 50s today! 12 days of Christmas

I’m 31 weeks pregnant and looking forward to meeting our little guy in the coming weeks. I’m feeling good, attempting to eat 75+ grams of protein a day, sleeping 10+ hrs a night, exercising lots, and checking my blood sugar several times throughout the day. I’ll finish up my nannying job at the end of this week and will then be staying at home and preparing for baby and helping my sweet husband with some real estate work. Stephen is working working and helping people buy houses. He loves what he does and is learning lots about how to be the most effective realtor possible. He gets to use his Spanish skills often as he meets people who want to buy and sell houses. It is amazing what a great realtor he has become in only a few short months!

Our evening life has gotten pretty full recently! Everything from birthing classes to a church community group to BSF – we seem to always be heading somewhere these days. AND – we are looking forward to hosting our church youth group on New Years Eve! Party! (I better take a LONG nap that afternoon so that I’ll be able to make it until midnight…)

We are pumped about Christmas! On Friday we’ll be celebrating together at our house and wrapping up our 12 Days of Christmas celebration. Then on Saturday we’ll be heading to Tuscaloosa to visit with my grandmother and sneaking in an orthodontist appointment before heading to visit Mom and Dad and the kiddos on Monday. It’ll be great to have a break from normal life and visit with all of my family (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins). AND of course to celebrate Christ’s coming! And, being someone who loves good traditions, I’m looking forward to all of the family traditions that’ll happen around this special time that we will get to be a part of this year.

On a side note…. we played Stratego a couple times during our snow/ice days. And, well.. I’m not good a winning the game… but I did manage to get Stephen to kill all of my other pieces before he found my flag. Last one standing…. If only I could have found his flag…de


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