Preparing for baby

As the time draws nearer and nearer for our little man to enter the world, our hearts are filled with love, anticipation, and excitement. Less than 5 weeks until my due date, and who knows, maybe he will come before then (wishfIMG_0866ul thinking, I know). He is snugly positioned inside me with his head deep and low and his little bottom doing some inch worm action. It will be such a joy for him to enter the world outside of my womb and be wrapped in our arms. There are lots of unknowns of when and how he will arrive – but when he comes – we will be so ready!

Becoming a new mom is thrilling! And, like most first time moms, I’ve been busy getting everything “ready” for his arrival. The latest endeavor consisted of researching the art of baby sign language. I know a little about it since we taught Andrew some as a toddler. But, it has been interesting researching and deciding what signs to begin with!

IMG_0867We bought several baby essentials back in August at a huge consignment event so I’ve had the privilege of taking apart the stroller and car seat and bouncy seat and washing the cloth parts in the washer and cleaning the outside parts as needed. Some of those things are complicated to take apart! While at my parents’ house over Christmas we got to look through some of Andrew’s baby clothes and steal some of them for our guy and we found my liIMG_0869fe size baby doll clothes. 🙂 So, all of his clothes and accessories are washed and, um, partly assembled… I should probably finish that up. And, I’ve been working in the kitchen making some freezer meals that we can pull out in the following months after his birth. I still have a long way to go to meet my goal of 15 different meals, 15 loaves of bread, 25 biscuits, and 3 dozen corn muffins. It isn’t really that much… but it takes a while. The goal is to have it all finished by the end of the month. I think I’ll make it. 🙂

I’m also happy to say that we designed, created, and addressed birth announcements recently. Glad to have that behind us! There are so many options to chIMG_0862oose from. We went pretty simple and made our own out of scrap booking paper. Now all we have to do is write his info on there after his birth and stick a picture in the flap and they’ll be ready to go. Oh, and stamp them. (by we here, I mean my mom when she comes after his birth to visit…) But, if he surprises us and is a girl then… well… they won’t be very helpful. haha!

I love preparing for things, and preparing for our son is exciting. Of course, preparing and organizing and planning our wedding was more exciting! I think it is more fun to prepare when you know it is actually going to happen at a certain timHusband and Wife e. But, this way is exciting because who know how long I have to prepare… so if he comes at the end of February, then I bet I’ll have a lot of freezer meals made! 🙂

The following weeks will be filled with even more preparing and pre baby milestones. The sweet ladies at church are hosting a baby shower soon and my sister-in-law iIMG_4932s bringing a ton of left over baby things from her son (including a stash of cloth diapers!!). I’m sure after these two things I’ll have some more organizing to do. And of course I’ll get to visit the midwife and pack our birthing bag. And maybe I should do a little refreshing of how to birth a baby. I read those books many months ago… and the birthing class finished up in December. But, then again, I’m pretty sure he is going to arrive whether I refresh my memory of how to do it or not.

Anything else I should add to my pre-baby to do list?



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