Abundant Blessings

You know the feeling when you slow down long enough and actually look around you? When you stop long enough to see how much God has blessed you? It is amazing. Our God loves to give good gifts. He loves to answer the cries of our heart and provide for us in ways we can only imagine.

This past week Jesus has been reminding me of what a GREAT God He is. As I look around I see Him giving me the desires of my heart. I’ve liked moving ever since I was a kid and love the challenge of it. Yet, sometimes it can be scary and lonely. This past week as I’ve looked around I noticed how much God has given us since we’ve moved to Arkansas. He has given us a wonderful church community where we can grow and serve, He has provided the money that we need to live on, and He has worked out so many details with our birthing situation. That’s the big picture. He is good.
But even the small things that He has given us are so special and sweet and go to show that He delights in us… Just his weekend He has shown me His goodness with an awesome baby shower this afternoon where people showered us with love, a special baby package from our friends in Hungary, and a sweet time of fellowship last night with a couple that is in love with Jesus.

Seeing God work around us is so cool… And remembering that He wants what is best for us and truly cares about the details of our lives. When we seek Him wholeheartedly, He reveals himself in real ways. He doesn’t tire of doing good. About two weeks ago I started asking Jesus for a special friend in Arkansas – one I could really connect, grow, and learn with – one I would enjoy being around and could spend time with regularly. A friend who had a similar outlook on life and one that I could deeply appreciate. I didn’t expect God to answer my prayer so soon. But, He did. He continually amazes me and I’m so grateful to be His daughter and servant. Thank you Jesus for being present in our lives and giving us such good gifts!

If you stop and look around you, where do you see God working?


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