What a Life!

IMG_1545        Monday marked two years of being married to the man of my dreams and three months of having Titus in our arms. Life is such a joy!

Two years of marriage doesn’t seem like much. Some days it feels like we just got married. But other days it feIMG_1576els as if we have always been married. One thing is certain – I love my husband. He works so hard to provide financially so that I can stay at home and love on and care for our precious son. He challenges me to grow rather than become stagnate. He prays for me and with me and cares deeply for my well being. He protects me and loves me. I love being his bride.

The past three months have been so fun. Having a son is wonderful. Ever since I was a kid I wanted to be a mommy to 5 boys. We are off to a great start so far. Titus iIMG_1599s becoming more and more alert and excitable. If he is awake then there is a good chance I’m talking to him. We talk about everything around us and what’s happening, etc. I’m teaching him some simple sign language that I hope will help him communicate before he can form words. We also sing a lot – real songs or made up ones. Most days I love having a constant companiIMG_1728on to demonstrate love to and teach about the world we live in. Sometimes I feel like a kangaroo – with my little one always with me. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to raise a young man who I pray will love Jesus, serve selflessly, and invite many people to join him in the Kingdom of God. Right now I’m focusing on showing him constant love, care, and protection. Such a big task to intentionally raise a son. Yet, I love it.

To celebrate these two occasions – 2 years of marriage and a 3 month old – we decided to take a trip to Kansas City. We had such a good time connecting with one another, making pancakes in our hotel room, and camping. We love the outdoors aIMG_1567nd are happy to report that Titus had a fantastic first camping experience. I do believe his favorite part was the camp fire. He just looked and looked at it and smiled. He slept through the exciting raccoon visit and our hike. But, I guess he was warn out from all of the other exciting adventures.IMG_1521

I’m so thankful for the wonderful family that God has blessed me with and his continual leading in our lives. He loves to see us happy and filled with His joy. I’m really glad that on days where that doesn’t come naturally that He is right beside me, ready to make that reality if I just ask Him and do what He asks. He is the giver of my sweet husband and beautiful little guy. I’m grateful and am loving living this life He has placed me in.IMG_1595


One response to “What a Life!

  1. Kimberlee,
    You are doing a great job! It is hard to explain to women before they have a baby the “fullness” of this gift. I’ve been praying for and thinking a lot lately about women who do NOT have this gift. The world calls them “barren,” and I know that most desire to have what you are describing. I’ve been asking God to give them the “fullness” of bringing and explaining life to people other than children from their wombs.Thank you for being such an encouragement to your family and your friends of God’s faithfulness in blessing His children when we keep our hands open and wait. Love you all.

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