Thoughts on my Dad

If you know my dad, you know he is pretty cool. If you don’t know my dad… well… you are missing out. I’ve known my dad since the day I was born. That is a lot of days. In those days he taught me a lot. Here’s the top 10.

10. How to talk to the people behind you in line.

9. How to play basketball and softball.

8. How to draw bubble letters.

7. How to load a car for a trip.

6. What to tell your child after you discipline them.

5. How to give a (good) devotion or presentation.

4. How to drive.

3. How to pray.

2. How to study the Bible.

1. How to love Jesus.

(He also tried to teach me a221274_2020052024764_3784610_o-1 few things that I didn’t learn… like how to dive and write Greek letters.)

Thanks Dad for spending so much time with me, listening to my stories, and coaching so many sport teams. I love being your daughter!


One response to “Thoughts on my Dad

  1. Kimberlee,
    Another reason we know your dad is awesome is because you are his daughter. And, remember that Sadie Claire noticed he was really cool, even as a baby:)

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