Introducing Titus to Tradition

photo 2 I’m VERY excited. Tomorrow Titus and I leave to spend a bit of time with my family at my favorite place – Indian Springs Camp Meeting. Growing up it was not only the highlight of my summer but also the highlight of my year. It is a place where Jesus has challenged, taught, and shown His love to me in visible ways. It is a place where my family comes together and unplugs from the distractions in our every day lives and focuses on one another and the Lord. I look forward to my Grandmother’s cooking, long talks with my sister and cousin on the porch sphoto 1wing, late night games, and being challenged spiritually. I am super excited to introduce Titus to this wonderful place where sweat and bugs and fun and incredible friendships all coexist. And to make it even better… Mom found an exersaucer we can borrow while there. That means that Titus will have a GREAT time. He loves those things! But more than that, I’m sure Titus will love all the people. He is a little extrovert and thoroughly enjoys when people talk to him. Can’t wait for the little man to fall in love with camp! (As you can tell by the pictures, Titus enjoys playing in our suitcase.)


2 responses to “Introducing Titus to Tradition

  1. You are a girl after my heart! Can’t wait to get our hands on cute little Titus and see how he does at Indian Springs. I love that it is ALL of my kid’s favorite thing to do every year, also. I wouldn’t trade that for anything. Love you all and see you soon:)

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