Living the Dream

Oh how fun life is! God gives such incredible gifts and sometimes I stop dead in my tracks and realize how present and active in our lives He really is. This week on numerous occasions as I’ve been giggling and playing with Titus the thought bursts into mIMG_1819y head – “I was made for this.” I’ve never enjoyed something so much as being a Mommy. I have a deep passion to teach and train Titus in creative, exciting ways. I find myself dreaming of the rites of passage we’ll have for him one day, how I’ll teach him to love history, when he’ll be ready to learn to read, and how we’ll model and guide him in serving others. Yes, yes, that’s all down the road, but it makes me incredibly excited to think about it. Yet, there are plenty of things that I’m excited about and am working on teaching Titus today. The most exciting thing of the week? Titus has 4 teeth and teething seems to be taking a back burner! That equals one very happy boy – Praise the Lord! Titus is currently learning how to wave to people…. whether he knows what he is doing or not is up for debate. But, he loves to find people in public places that are looking at him and wave his arm in the air three times while making a talking noise. Who knows what he is thinking… but his new found friends believe that he is waving to them. And typically he only does it to people – not toys or a blank walWalmart Shoppingl… so there must be some connection. 🙂 He took his first taste of real food this week and is learning how to drink water out of a cup. These are only small moments that happen during our days together. The things that are considered “notable.” Those are fun parts of being a mom. But, not the best parts. The best parts are the times where we sing together, splash in the bathtub, cuddle as we fall asleep, watch his face erupt into laughter as we change his clothes and do a little tickling, see his face light up when I walk in the room, immediately comfort him when he’s afraid or sad, going on fun adventures together around town, and praying for him throughout the day       . Titus is such a joyful boy and I love spending everyday with him! No, it isn’t always easy. The waking up every 3 hours at night isn’t my definition of fun… but it is an honor to care for a lovely treasure and know that he loves to be close to us and that he needs to be close to us to feel safe and secure. So, for now… the waking every 3 hours is ok. In a sense you could say that’s his love language – having MommStraw Warsy near and attentive to him during the night. And I’m more than happy to show him love and care for him in that way. Oh the joys of motherhood! Being a Mommy is what I’ve wanted to do since I was just a little girl. Now, my dream is true and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I’m living the dream. And I’m living the dream with a precious little boy, a handsome husband, and an all-powerful God. I don’t want to trade places with anyone. This is what I was made to do. First SwingIMG_2319AdventureYay for bike rides


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