Twins? I decided that meant brushing the cob-webs away from the blog to give you all an update that includes 2 bundles of excitement.

On Friday we headed to the doctor for our 20 week ultrasound to find out the gender of our baby and to make sure everything was developing properly. We had opted not to do an 8 week ultrasound, so this was our first one with this pregnancy. The lady gelled me up and put the probe on my stomach for a second or two. She then removed it and immediately asked if this w26242574bab2ef311e93244b89774f5bas our first ultrasound. We answered in the affirmative and she put the probe back down and stated, “Well, you have two babies in there – what you are looking at is the top of their heads.” The image that was on the ultrasound screen in that moment is the one that is etched in my mind as I hear her voice telling us that we are going to have twins.

Over the past 24 hours I’ve thought and researched and dreamed of what our life is going to be like in the coming months and turned to Jesus to thank Him for how he has been preparing us and giving us lots of opportunities this past fall. Now knowing that we are having twins, life since we’ve been pregnant makes more sense. Jesus opened the doors for us in the early fall to move into a new house, which will be great for twin boys and all of the paraphernalia that will come with them (including people in and out to help us and baby swings, etc.). We had the opportunity to fly to Europe and spend an encouraging time with some friends – something we had wanted to do since we got married. I imagine we won’t be doing any international travel for awhile once the little guys roll into town. We are so thankful that Jesus worked it out that we got to go – He gives such good gifts! He also gave us a wonderful Chdc8dX5bceristmas season where we got to see many in our family and spend quality time with them. Here this month we have another fun trip planned which will turn into a last hurrah before we settle in and stay close in case the boys decide to arrive before we expect. In some moments this fall I felt as if we were crazy to be taking so many trips, yet now I see that God was giving us the opportunity to check things off of our bucket list since He knows trips will be exponentially harder to do this coming year.  🙂

It also makes sense why I was much sicker during the first trimester during this pregnancy than I was with Titus. Two babies results in double the hormones (which is what causes morning sickness). And we now know the reason why I needed the support belt for jogging so early on and I never used one with Titus. And maybe, just maybe, God was preparing me just a few days ago when I was listening to a God Centered Mom podcast that talked about letting people help you during difficult situations and practical things to have them help you with. Besides that, no other clues we were having twins. Weight gain was low for an average singleton pregnancy and I looked like a pretty normal pregnant person for 20 weeks along. Yet, Jesus knew and was ready to surprise us!

We are thrilled to be having twins! Since there aren’t any in my family and it is dependent on the female in the marriage to carry the gene, well… I was very surprised when we found out. And am SO PUMPED! I’m sure having infant twins will be quite the challenge, but having 2 year old twins and beyond will be glorious. I’m sure Jesus will show us glorious moments in the first 2 years too… They may just require a little more digging to see. 🙂

My whole mind is in the process of shifting to what having twin boys and a 2 year old will look like. I had a decent idea of what Titus and one more would look like. But, two more at the same time… My mind is adjusting and I’m starting to make a nice checklist of what needs to happen in the


This guy is ready to be a big brother!

next few months before they arrive. Yet, no matter how good the checklist is, I know that Jesus will teach us much and we will never have everything put together perfectly. We had our singleton names picked out for a boy and a girl. But, aren’t sure on the twin

names yet. We were thinking maybe Tobiah Rex Brooks and we could call him T-Rex. Titus thought that was a great idea! 🙂

So, if you got confused along the way… We are having twin boys who are scheduled to roll out in early May!! And we are beyond excited that Jesus is giving us such an extraordinary gift! They are fraternal twins (not identical) and each have their own sack and placenta (in case you were wondering).

Here’s a few things you can pray for:

  • Twin A will be head down when it is time for them to be born and Twin B will follow suite after Twin A gives him a little room
  • They will wait until they are fully developed to be born
  • The birth will go smoothly with no complications – we are praying for a natural birth with no medication, etc.
  • Titus will adjust to the changes that he needs to make before and after they arrive
  • Jesus will give Stephen and me wisdom as we move through the following monthsROADRUNNER



One response to “Twins?

  1. WOOHOO! We are so excited for all of you! God is entrusting your family with a very precious double blessing, and He will give you everything you need to do it with EXCELLENCE! Love you, little Kimberlee:)

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